If they can do it, sew can I!

I am going to take this project as an excuse to finally learn how to sew! I have always wanted to learn but was intimidated by the prospect.

As a Christmas present, I received a beautiful handmade drawstring from a student who has been taking sewing lessons from a community member. I decided then that if she can do, I can too! I told myself that someday, when I have the spare time,  I was going to commit to learning how to sew. So this project kind of seems like fate! It is the perfect excuse to make the time now.  

I am excited to finally try to learn this craft, but I do have a few concerns about this undertaking.

  1. Expenses- I have been a full time student for 4 years now, so it is not surprising that I do not have a whole lot of wiggle room in my budget for starting a new hobby. Sewing requires a lot of initial supplies, Including a sewing machine, and it also requires lots of fabric for every project you tackle.Solution: My mom has agreed to buy me a sewing machine with the understanding that I will eventually make her window curtains for the house. Instead of buying new fabric to start with, (and mess up on) I have plans to “upcycle” old clothes. I have raided second-hand stores and mom’s rag pile for useable
  2. Time- Another side-effect of being a student is that I never feel like that I have enough time for extra things, like learning to sew. It’s hard for me to make the time forSolution: I have added sewing time to my “official” schedule on the wall and I plan to stick to this
  3. Obsession- This concern goes hand in hand with the time concert. Last year, I taught myself how to crochet, and I became obsessed. I was staying up all hours of the night to finish projects. Everywhere I went I took my crocheting bag with me. If I wasn’t physically crocheting then I was pinteresting new ideas. It got to the point that it had dominated my life in a borderline unhealthy way. I had to put my crocheting things away before my internship to make sure that I would not get distracted by the temptations again. I am worried my new hobby will have the same effect on me, and honestly, I do not have the time to become consumed by sewing right now.  Solution: I have scheduled time for sewing into my official schedule and I plan to limit myself to only sewing during those times.

The first big obstacle I need to address is the fact that I do not own a sewing machine. I have done some research, browsed manuals, read reviews and watched videos. The problem with trying to buy a machine you have never used is a lot of the jargon they use to describe the machine goes right over your head.

“14 unique built-in stitches with one 4-step auto-size buttonhole” Is that a lot of stitches? Too many stitches? Not enough? When do you use an auto-size buttonhole?  

So I have had to do a lot of just researching about what a beginner sewing machine needs.

I have finally chosen this machine. It is reviewed well for a beginner sewing as it is simple, easy to use, transportable, and small enough to fit into my dorm room. It is one of the more cost efficient machines I have found and best of all my local Walmart sells it making it easy to buy and start using immediately.

Projects and Goals

I am going to tackle many small projects to start with. Hopefully, this will give me some chances to experiment with different technique.

My goal is to sew for 5 hours every week and hopefully finish about one small project per week or one larger project per two weeks.

As far as a final culminating project goes, I haven’t picked one. I feel like I need to get a feel about what is realistic before I make any plans.

Stay tuned to see if I really accomplish my sewing goals this semester!


2 thoughts on “If they can do it, sew can I!

    • shylafroshaug says:

      Thank you for the comment! I always find when I start something new like this I am often overcome with self-doubt and get overwhelmed. Getting everything out in the open and finding solutions turned out to be a productive way to overcome this intimidation!


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