My new outlook on blogging

Hi! My name is Shyla Froshaug and I am very excited to be taking this course and to be learning more about educational technology. I am in the last semester of my degree and recently finished my internship. During my teaching experience, I used the smartboard frequently, incorporated some online research into some of my classes and actually had the opportunity to introduce my grade 5s to powerpoint. I couldn’t help feeling like I was missing out on opportunities that more interactive technology would allow me to give my students. However, I was overwhelmed by everything else I was learning about being a teacher and so stuck with what I was already comfortable with. I really enjoy using technology (when it works for me). I am excited to explore what technology I could use in my practice, now that I am getting a chance to slow down, step back and do a little more reflecting and learning before diving into teaching full time. I have decided to start the technology exploration by finally digitizing my portfolio. I am hoping this will be advantageous to me as I start the job application process.

I have a little experience blogging as requirements for different classes. I won’t lie. I find blogging intimidating. I think it’s because it is a) very public and b) kinda permanent.

My sister and I on our way to the University of Regina for my first year of university. I have changed so much since then!

So far in my education career, I have found that my beliefs about education and about society are constantly evolving. So I don’t love when I google my name and something I wrote several evolutions ago comes up.

“I often read old blog posts and think “ Did I really write that? Why?”

But here is where things get a little complicated for me. The exact reasons blogging isn’t my favorite thing are the same reasons I really like blogging.  The fact that blogging is permanent and public are also huge advantages. It’s neat to be able to interact with colleagues and be able to take up course topics with classmates in a deep, meaningful way through my computer (and while sitting in my Pajamas). And if I am completely honest, it is also neat to read those old posts and really face how much I have learned, grown and changed throughout this process.

So I am making a commitment now to change my mindset, choose to look at the positives and give blogging another chance.


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