I’m sewing! Kind of. . .

This Sunday,  I applied all the research I did last week and bought myself a sewing machine. While at Walmart,  I also bought replacement sewing needles, pins, a seam ripper and some fabric.

I brought it home, opened it up and. . . . spent several hours reading the instruction manuals.

A video tutorial by Brother really helped me put the machine together and get started.

My funny story- I knew enough about sewing machines to know that the machine has a foot pedal and that runs the machine. When I was researching machines to buy they kept advertising different feet that let you do different stitches. I just assumed they meant the machine comes with many foot pedal things and I wasn’t sure how that worked but they made different kinds of stitches. Turns out sewing machine feet are something completely different!


After I finished assembling the machine, watching the videos and

I started with a test piece- I used two small squares and had plans to sew them together. This little project took me over an hour.

First attempt at sewing! This took me over an hour!

Everytime I tried to sew it would bunch up the thread on the bottom and stop moving. So I would cut it out and try to re thread the bottom thread, watch another video and try again. After much trial and error I finally found a troubleshooting site that gave me the wisdom I needed. Turns out I threaded the top string incorrectly. Apparently, you can’t just go from 3 to 5, you actually have to find the number 4 and thread through there too. Who knew?!


Anyway, with the machine threaded properly sewing my little square turned out to be a breeze and I felt like I was ready to tackle something slightly harder. I hit up Pinterest looking for something I could make with a fat quarter of fabric. I came across this post by  Diary of a Quilter and somehow convinced myself that creating a bag would be an easy and appropriate first project.

Luckily the picture tutorial was really straightforward and easy to follow. I still had to do some seam ripping and my sewing line isn’t extraordinary straight. Yet, by 1 AM I had completed this bag:

I am fairly happy with how it turned out and am really excited to keep trying projects. So if you need me I will be on Pinterest searching for beginner sewing projects!


5 thoughts on “I’m sewing! Kind of. . .

  1. kendallmschneider says:

    Hi Shyla!

    Great to hear that sewing is something you have always wanted to learn and now you have the perfect opportunity to stay motivated! I love the humor you added to your blog referring to the story about the sewing “foot” I definitely would have been thinking of the foot pedal too so I guess that tells you about my sewing knowledge. Keep up the awesome work, I can’t wait to see the progress that you make throughout the semester!


  2. Hillary says:

    Hey Shyla! Awesome job – the bag looks super great! I’m also doing sewing as my project so it’s nice to get a glimpse into your projects. It seems like you are very ambitious about your upcoming projects, so I can’t wait to come check it out in the coming weeks. You are doing awesome (also this frustration and confusion with the sewing machine is the exact reason I am putting this off for another week haha – it’s intimidating)


    • shylafroshaug says:

      Awesome to hear you are sewing as well! Always nice to have an ally when taking on a new challenge! I am sure I will be bouncing ideas/frustrations off you in the future! 🙂 The sewing machine was definitely intimidating but I’m glad I tackled it and got it out of the way. Hopefully the hard parts done now!


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