A Time Waster that’s Worth My Time

I am a notorious procrastinator and an expert time waster. When I should be writing or reading or applying for jobs, I spend hours on Facebook. This week I found myself using Feebly as my chosen method of distraction. It was so easy to scroll through a feed and get immediate access to interesting blogs and articles related to what I’m interested in. So even though I”m stilling procrastinating, I feel less guilty as I’m wasting time by gaining new pertinent information.

When I  chose content to follow I might have gone a little overboard. Basically, I looked at the education category and followed the first 30 that came up. Then because I am also passionate about  Agriculture, I went to that category and added some sites that I recognized or looked interesting.

Over the next many days I then started unfollowing the sites that just weren’t for me. For example, this site got unfollowed when it asked me a few times to register to finish an article.

This was one of the sources that got cut.

It maybe wasn’t the most effective way to build my feedly feed but it allowed me to look at many different resources and really start to form my “feedly identity.” I found it easy to unfollow things when I already had so many articles to read. It also really helped me find sources that I really enjoyed.

For example,  Education Technology. I am really enjoying reading the practical and easy to use sources and tutorials that could be used to integrate into any classroom.

This was one of the sources I have really enjoyed. I really love being able to browse this articles on my iphone wherever I am.


I was really excited to find Cool Cat Teacher on feedly as well. She has a  I am a dedicated listener to her weekly “10 minute teacher” podcasts. I enjoy her podcasts as they are quick and easy to listen to without a huge time commitment but they are also filled with interesting and useful tips and strategies. I was really looking forward to seeing some written work from her. Unfortunately, so far the posts from her site are just links to her podcasts.


On the upside, I also found the Cult of Pedagogy. This is another podcast I love to listen because it is full of inspiration and teaching strategies. The cool thing about this one is they are posting the written word that I can read on Feedly. Sometimes it is related to the podcast of the week, sometimes it is something completely new. It’s fun to get to access their worlds through two different methods. I am, of course, really enjoying Feedly and the easy access to relevant information. However, I still need to get my other work done so I am going to have to try to start finding a balance.

But first, I’ll just read one more article.


3 thoughts on “A Time Waster that’s Worth My Time

    • shylafroshaug says:

      I hope you enjoy! I love how quick her podcasts are, (easy to digest on the way to school) and they kept me motivated throughout my internship.


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