What I’ve learned about Sewing

This semester I learned how to sew. When I first started this learning project I looked up many tips for beginners to help me get started. Now that I have been sewing for several weeks I thought I would make my own list of tips based on what I have learned. Disclaimer: these are tips … Continue reading What I’ve learned about Sewing


Contibution to the Learning of Others

This class has actually taught me a lot about myself.   Turns out I think I  am kind of selfish. I appreciated others comments and their contributions to my learning through Twitter, and Slack. However, I really did not prioritize contributing to the learning of others.   Actually, when I look back at my interactions … Continue reading Contibution to the Learning of Others

EFDN 306 Final Project

  Slideshow https://youtu.be/vdWWzz2vsMg   Explanation https://youtu.be/q7QEOevatEk   This project took a different direction then I intended. Originally this was meant to be a photo essay that journaled the heteronormative spaces that affirm my heterosexual identity. However, it evolved into a different kind of documentation. Instead, every time I thought about the EFDN 306 course I … Continue reading EFDN 306 Final Project