Summary of My Learning This video summarizes the evolution of my ideologies about Curriculum. In this video I have compared my assumptions about Curriculum to a building. At first my building was small but sturdy. Throughout the semester my building has gone through many challenges that has eventually caused it to collapse. From the leftovers of my old … Continue reading Summary of My Learning


Curriculum as Numeracy

I have always loved Mathematics. It was my favorite subject for most of my school career. I loved the puzzle that was math and I craved the feeling of solving math problems whether it was addition in 1st grade or quadratic equations in high school. However, I think part of why I loved math was … Continue reading Curriculum as Numeracy

Learning from Place

This weeks article, Learning from Place, has many examples of decolonization and reinhabitation. This article is about challenging dominant ideas, “recovering and renewing traditional patterns” and learning to interact with our environment again (74). The subjects in this article are determined to reconnect the generations. They have youth conduct interviews with members of their community … Continue reading Learning from Place