An a-MAZE-ingly Easy Project

To keep with the theme of classroom related sewing projects, I decided to sew a fidget. I used this tutorial that walked you through the steps of creating a marble maze. One of the steps had you print off her template, and then sew overtop the paper to create the lines for the maze. I … Continue reading An a-MAZE-ingly Easy Project


Sewing to fight the Cold

In honor of the frigid temperatures we have been experiencing lately, I decided I would tackle sewing some reusable hand warmers. Before I was ready to tackle this project I needed to practice sewing straight lines. Unlike the bag I sewed last week, the seams in the hand warmers are visible and therefore I wanted … Continue reading Sewing to fight the Cold

Summary of My Learning This video summarizes the evolution of my ideologies about Curriculum. In this video I have compared my assumptions about Curriculum to a building. At first my building was small but sturdy. Throughout the semester my building has gone through many challenges that has eventually caused it to collapse. From the leftovers of my old … Continue reading Summary of My Learning