My Education Philosophy


everyone should have equal opportunity to a quality education regardless of age, sex, gender, religion, or ethnicity

education should be interactive, engaging, and inspiring.

teachers need to be prepared to modify teaching practices in order to reach all types of learners.

teachers have the power to greatly affect the future through their students.

education should be inclusive and teachers should work to support and include all of their students.

teachers are required to be flexible while striving to maintain a routine for their students.

there is no strategy to teach that will work for all students and therefore teachers need to be prepared to differentiate their lessons to meet the needs of each unique student

school should be a safe place where students feel inspired to learn.

a teacher’s job is to help students find their passions.

teacher’s need to be prepared for life-long learning and to learn from their mistakes.

It is important for teacher’s to find humour in their jobs and take the time to laugh.

Teachers need to remember take time for themselves and to maintain a healthy balance between their professional and personal lives