Who am I?

IMG_0422Hello! My name is Shyla Froshaug. I am a fourth year education student at the University of Regina. My dream is to be an elementary teacher in a rural school and I am very much looking forward to my journey to achieving this dream.

 I had the privilege to grow up on a ranch with my parents and my three younger siblings in the hills of the Big Muddy in Southern Saskatchewan. My family’s ranch is also home to about two hundred cows, twenty horses, two dogs, several cats, a potbellied pig and a mule. In my spare time, I ride horseback, compete in rodeos, and practice rodeo events with my family. I also enjoy reading and playing the piano.

I started kindergarten in a small school in Gladmar, Saskatchewan and graduated from the same school thirteen years later. Because Gladmar Regional School is a K-12 school I had plenty of opportunities to volunteer and work with younger students. It was during the time that I spent volunteering in classrooms that I discovered my passion for educating and working with children. I also had the opportunity to participate in programs such as mentorship and anti-bullying programs, and organize events such as talent shows and carnivals.

My decision to become a teacher was an easy one for me. I have aspired to become a teacher for as long as I can remember. The harder decision for me has been determining what area I want to major in. After careful consideration I applied to the Elementary program at the U of R. While I know I would enjoy teaching any group of students, I am excited to work with elementary students who are just beginning their education journey.

Thank you for joining me on my journey to achieving my goals!!